Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rajendra Trakru



Rajendra Trakru a visionary and founder at “SOLOMON” Group Asia served the corporate under his leadership and dynamism for magical silver summers of his life, Born with Dedication, Knowledge and Great power to execute the projects  under the toughest business scenarios. It was his vision to expand various business sectors under diversified business portfolios.

“Solomon Group Asia” presently represents the businesses like, Defense, Solar Power, Fashion, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality and Consultation.
A Pharma graduate having his specialization in International Marketing and Sales has closely worked with who-is-who of India and impacted on the “Russia & India” debt account or “Trade Escrow”, which had once a great impact on Indian economy.
He has been involved in major International Congresses, Delegations and Speaker with matured business knowledge & thus led significant engagements culminating in successful joint venture & Collaborations across the globe.
He is highly regarded in “Taiwan” for his contributions in serving Indo-Taiwanese business relationship. He has been successful in bringing the technologies and sharing the abilities for joint business contribution in the business world.

It was his master stroke to bring “Loops n Knots” an international fashion brand at affordable economic values to Indian customers and expand the brand in International market.
His vision to generalize the “Healthcare and Beauty” market with best technology and international quality. Solomon’s shopping e-portal “elecwire” and retail stores serve with availability across India.
He believes that the future growth of the group is based in developing a strong foot hold for R & D, so as to create a self-sustained industrial sector.

1. Solomon Technologies Limited         (
2. Solomon Bio Pharma & Research    ( )
3. Loops & Knots                                  (
5. Kamakshi Industries
6. Elecwire                                            ( )
7. Health Magnify                                ( )

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